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Welcome to the Agro-MAC VET - Multi Actors Cooperation for Vocational Education Training in Agro and rural business development
Welcome to Agro-MAC VET PDF Print E-mail
AGRO-MAC VET partnership is supported by the Leonardo da Vinci programme. It aims at proposing curricula for new farmers, re-training farmers or peoplewilling to become a farmer.

Growing seedsVET means Vocational Education and Training.

MAC means Multi-Actors Cooperation.

AGRO means that the project with farmers and therefore concentrates on agricultural productions, primo agro-food productions (food processed on the farm directly or directly with products of the farm) and services directly linked to the business of the farm (agro-tourism and services).


Presentation of AGRO-MAC VET PDF Print E-mail

skills for futureThe current European socio-economic situation and Agricultural Policy requires skilled individuals to work efficiently and ecologically in the various fields of agriculture. It is also well documented that there is no common (European) vocational education and training (VET) approach and certification, at a non-university level, for farmers who are or intending to start agricultural business.

New skills for new jobs: better matching and anticipating labour market needs PDF Print E-mail

EU Flag puzzleThe European Commission presented (16/12/2008) proposals for better job matching and more effective ways to analyse and predict which skills will be needed in tomorrow's labour market. New Skills for New Jobs proposes a series of actions to match skills with vacancies, to organise skills assessments on a permanent basis, to pool the efforts of Member States and other international organisations, and to develop better information on future needs.

DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (IP-08-1984_EN.pdf)IP-08-1984_EN.pdf[Corresponding press release in English]84 Kb
DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (IP-08-1984_FR.pdf)IP-08-1984_FR.pdf[Corresponding press release in French]83 Kb
Informal and Non-formal learning validation PDF Print E-mail

Guidelines on Informal and Non-formal validationValidating non‑formal and informal learning is increasingly seen as a way of improving lifelong and lifewide learning. More European countries are emphasising the importance of making visible and valuing learning that takes place outside formal education and training institutions, for example at work, in leisure time activities and at home.

DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (4054_en_guidelines_validation_on-formal-informal.pdf)4054_en_guidelines_validation_on-formal-informal.pdf[European guidelines for validating non?formal and informal learning (EN)]1044 Kb
DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (5174_en_non-formal-informal-recognition.pdf)5174_en_non-formal-informal-recognition.pdf[Recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning for VET teachers and trainers in the EU Member States (EN)]612 Kb
DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (5174_fr_non-formal-informal-recognition.pdf)5174_fr_non-formal-informal-recognition.pdf[Recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning for VET teachers and trainers in the EU Member States (FR)]2527 Kb
50 years of CAP PDF Print E-mail


PAC 50 years - Europa2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), a cornerstone of European integration that has provided European citizens with five decades of secure food supply and a living countryside.




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